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First of all, English is not my native language so please forgive me in advance for my mistakes. Today I will present you online webshop named Simple-Dress. They are leading brand in worldwide of dresses custom made online. If you are looking for most popular dresses online then you are on right site. Each dress is custom made and the dress will closely fit on you if your measurements are all right. 

Their only purpose is focusing on particulars, seeking perfection and making every girl look like a careful piece of artwork. Most people choose them to make dresses because they are reliable and the dress they made is just like you imagine it.

I know that prom time is approaching and I will show you several pictures of dresses I like, so that you can have an idea about your prom dress. Because all orders have to be processed before they can be shipped the total shipping time is divided into two parts : processing time and delivery time. Processing time is time from your payment received date to the order pack-up and delivery time is actual shipping time. Normal orders is about 20 days and rush orders about 12 days.

First one is Simple Mermaid Scoop dress. You can choose between 28 different colors and you can also read some of reviews on their site. This dress you can find on this link :

Second dress is Elegant Prom Dress. You can also choose between 28 colors, and here is the link :

Third dress is Off-Shoulder Mermaid dress and my favorite one. Also 28 colors available. You can find it here :

Have you heard about this site? What do you think about dresses? You also need to know that they are shipping worldwide :)

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